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Kettle Corn

  Kettle corn.

  Kettle corn occupies your hands and face, all the better to innocently stroll with the cute boy at the farmer's market

  Kettle corn is caramel apples, fudge, and autumn leaves.

  Kettle corn is comfort to a rejected soul.

  Kettle corn's scent brings forth the memory of a friendly vendor's smile.

  Kettle corn is spending the rest of your day with toothpicks.

  Greasy paper cones, plastic tube-like bags, great cauldrons swiveled about, metal scoops ruffling through kernels.

  You can never get enough.


  Buy Joy the Baker's cookbook to get the recipe.  A recipe that will create a nostalgic treat within 10 minutes, using ingredients you probably already have on hand (translation: it's free).  And then, to get the most out of your book, join Sundays with Joy.

  You've no interest in the book, and are likely peeved that I posted tantalizing pictures.  


  If this doesn't wet your cookbook-buying appetite, then go here.  Within seconds of reading that particular kettle corn post, you'll likely make the popcorn, fall in love with Joy, and buy her book anyway.  Who are you trying to kid?