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Hot Chocolate

  Hot chocolate.

  Runny noses, Spongebob, sledding, snow angels, licking icicles, hogging marshmallows, shooting whipped cream directly into one's mouth (I'm sure there's some sort of term for this, but I'm not cool enough to know it.), and cookies.

  Maybe you've grown up with that Swiss Miss whatsit...and maybe there's a giant jar of that in my kitchen right now (Why...why are those little dry marshmallows so good?).

  But sometimes...you need to binge and heat up milk and melt chocolate and stuff.  It will take approximately 10 minutes of your life.  That's a lot longer than the 75 seconds required to heat up water and stir in powder...but for good reason.

  When you want someone to know that you give a crap, make hot chocolate from scratch.  Seriously.  It's rich, warm (no way), and with just the right amount of froth.  And top it off with every garnish ever (I live for marshmallows.).

  That's what Christmas is all about.

  To get the recipe, visit Joy the Baker's blog post, or buy her book for an even more delicious version!