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The Sad Tale of a Tart

***UPDATE: I finally got around to revamping this beauty, find the foolproof recipe here!  You're welcome.
  I know, I'm cruel.  Here I put in front of your faces these tantalizing pictures that look remarkably like a peanut butter chocolate concoction, and yet, no recipe accompanies them.

  That IS rather cruel, but I don't mean it to be.

  You see, Sundays with Joy came across a recipe to be reckoned with this week.  I still adore Joy's book, and if you think about it, one recipe in a hundred certainly isn't bad.  But still, almost all of us had trouble with her tart.

  The crust was notoriously dry for many, and this being my first time even making a tart, I wasn't sure what to look for.  That being said, I did quite a few things wrong.  This tart may look (and even semi-taste) gorgeous, but oh my.

  I considered not posting at all, I considered just letting it lie.  But I'd already taken pictures, and I think you guys know me well enough that I can share my failures as well as successes.  If you've ever harbored secret suspicions that I'm some magical kitchen whiz...I'm here to dash those to bits.

  After adding some milk, I finally got the crust to come together.  But at that point, I think I had it pretty overworked.  I see now that it should've rested in the freezer for longer than an hour, but an hour is what I gave it.  Thus, it went into the oven, puffing and creating holes.  It comes as no surprise then that, as I poured in my liquid-y ganache, it leaked through the crust; creating a mess in my pretty new pan.

  Even after all this, I kept on.  I swirled my peanut butter, I left it to pull itself together in the fridge overnight.

  I had a piece today, and honestly...it was just alright.  I tried to dream up a reason to share it with you, but then I didn't know how I'd begin to write out the recipe.  It needs some work, and just a bit of revision before it's worthy for your tastebuds and kitchen.  The crust was ok..but it's not what I'd pick for a chocolate peanut butter tart.  And that's my own fault.  The original recipe calls for ganache, whipped cream, and fresh berries.  But, well...it's January.  And..I wanted peanut butter and chocolate.

  I want to promise you all right here and now that I will indeed bring this back to life!  With a more appropriate base and a better crust-to-filling ratio, it will be heavenly.

  Life's too short to live with disappointments.

  I'll be back soon with a cupcake for you patient people, but in the meantime, check out Carrie's lovely tart adaptation!  You'll also find the other members' tart posts at the bottom.  This proves that you can indeed make something beautiful out of a mess.  Everyone did so well!