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Just a Li'l Wedding Cake

  Emma and I didn't have the smoothest of sisterhoods. Remarkably different personalities and behavior traits when we were young caused a good amount of clashing—especially when we shared a room. Her walls were always painted black, mine had every color under the sun. She liked the dark light-blocking curtains, I liked lava lamps and was outside as soon as the sun was up. God, I bet she hated me for that.

  But something weird happened when she graduated and left home. I started getting letters and emails from her--and then when I got a phone, texts and birthday calls. Maybe it was the 4 hour distance between us, or that we both matured remarkably. Then somehow, I found out just how similar we were. Every messy situation with a boyfriend, every frustrating math problem, and mental breakdown about my future...she was always there. I started seeing my sister as a friend, and she is still the first one I call with good news, bad news, or what have you.

  So we've had our ups and downs, and the in betweens. But my family is something that I have grown to be very thankful for. They've seen me through 2 different colleges, breakups, moving across the country for 2.5 months, and so many indecisive breakdowns. Getting to celebrate my sister's marriage with them was priceless. 

  Making the cake, however, was incredibly daunting.

  I tested, I tasted, I drowned in caramel and butter and chocolate. When everything was as prepared as it could be and in the freezer, I made myself a humongous fresh salad and watched Netflix. Fresh veggies and good dressing are exceptional after hours of being surrounded by nothing but cake and frosting.

  I'm so pleased that my little test cake went so well. If you're wondering about my sources for all of this, it's basically all Martha Stewart with a smattering of Sweetapolita and Everyday Annie.

  I pinterested and googled all things "semi-naked cake" and how-to's on tiering, frosting, freezing, assembling...because I've never done anything so massive in my life. But with some wooden dowels, many chillings in the fridge, and my brave/strong father carrying the massive beast out to the wedding tent...it all came together somehow.

  With an audible sigh of relief, I had done it. Caramel from scratch, frosting from scratch, cake from scratch, mocha chocolate beer from Southern Tier...it all came together. Emma's sweet tooth for all things salted caramel and Mercedes' love of all things coffee/stout were united into one beautiful masterpiece.

  I had so many people pull me aside with nothing but praise for this non-traditional (and very rich) treat.

  And, you know, that's all great and well and good...but that look up there, on my sister's face? That's what makes me so proud that I was a part of any of it. Her happiness has been long awaited and is much deserved. And I love her and her sweet lady so much.

  Happy cake-ing, and marriage-ing <3

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