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The Norms (Because I Didn't Take Pictures of Anything I Baked This Weekend)

  The Norms:

  Muffins with personality, 'tis how I roll.

  Green smoothies.  I know, I know...I was scared too.  Believe when I say that this tastes precisely like tropical fruit.  Really!  Spinach is our friend.

  Kittens.  Too much of a norm around here this time of year.

  What is this business??

  Not quite normal yet...

  Too many times cupcakes are gorgeous, but taste like crap.

  This shouldn't be normal.


  Beyond normal, beyond anything.

  The norm for homework.

  Made possible by these muffins.  Yes, more muffins.  Hush.

  The norm for Easter roadtrips.  I heart jelly beans.

  A pound of butter in my room?  Hecks yeah normal!

  And...the process.  Powered by killer sandwiches on bread that should definitely become a norm in your household.

  And so it goes.

  (I'll shove baked goods in your face soon,  promise.)