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Real Life

  Real life.  The frosting for these innocent beauties is being difficult.

  I'm catering a party on Monday, and that frosting needs to be ready.  And so do I.

  Coming atchya, mascarpone!

Photo credit: sister Lucy

  Hands and friends and cookie dough.  And orange pictures.

  My first time frosting cupcakes, with a cheap-o pastry bag.  So long ago...yet so not.  You can only move forward, eh? 

  What hand models really do.  

  Whipped cream is nice.  It is not mascarpone.

  I'm celebrating butter and sugar, with Joy.  This book is kinda sorta my new favorite thing ever.

  Buttermilk likes you, be friends.

Photo credit: Lydia

  Cookies and tupperware, beaches and friends.

Photo credit: sister Carol

  We only see one side of a storm.

  And with that, my creativity ebbs.  My pillow beckons.  More real life approaches.

  Goodnight Moon.